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Justine Allison

Justine Allison’s hand-built porcelain has a freshness of form and marking which gives it a crisp and weightless translucence, absorbing and directing the light. Her work, notably standing vessels of squared and cylindrical conception, and small intimate bowls, has a kind of tremor of decoration and contour, a quietly free linearity, that gives its precision a particular life and freedom. Here is a sense of porcelain shape and surface that is delicate but expressively worked, each piece very individual, but working well in familial groups. Her rhythmical marking, vertical and horizontal, sometimes densely hatched, adds motion to the forms, and to her art’s sense of almost papery weightlessness and luminosity. Justine trained at Camberwell College of Arts in the 1990s, and initially worked in London before settling in Wales, where its qualities of light and landscape are being newly abstracted into her work.

David Whiting