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Tanya Gomez

Tanya Gomez’s crisp and incisive porcelain concentrates mainly on the cylinder, her pieces very much about the processes of throwing, cutting and assembling. Gomez’s work explores the dynamics both of the wheel and her subsequent alterations. We can enjoy these pots singly or in larger groupings, appreciating their collective rhythms of form and often luminous colour. Her throwing is both plastic and relaxed and on other occasions more taut, whether she is making narrower vessels, broader globe forms or dishes. Many of her pieces are almost closed at the top, there openings ranging from the smallest of piercings to broader dipping lips. Gomez trained at Camberwell, Brighton and latterly the Royal College of Art. She is based in Lewes, Sussex, near to the sea which has been a constant in her life and work.

David Whiting