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Geoffrey Swindell

Geoffrey Swindell’s art is unlike any other, a ceramic original who has been making his richly imaginative miniaturist art for some forty years, and combining this with a distinguished career as a teacher, particularly at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. Born in Stoke-on-Trent, his fertile childhood imagination soon found its outlet in painting and then in ceramics, which he discovered at art college in Stoke. After the Royal College of Art he quickly established a reputation for small intense porcelain forms that seemed as inspired by an interior fantasy world as the brilliance of sea shells and other life on the ocean bed. Often vessel-based, with some vestige of function, Swindell’s pieces are essentially sculptures in miniature. Precision-crafted in form and surface, their colour and detail can create a sense of activity and movement. As urban as they are organic in feeling, these objects express an essentially invented world, a personal domain we can all enjoy.

David Whiting

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