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Jack Doherty

Jack Doherty’s soda-fired porcelain bowls have added new subtleties of colour to British ceramics, their richly nuanced slip-coated surfaces bringing out unexpected rusts, turquoises and oranges on forms of great simplicity. Some of his pots have ribbed decoration, perhaps embossing and indenting, but most decoration is left to the interaction of the kiln flame and copper carbonate. Having trained at Ulster College of Art and Design and Kilkenny Design Workshops, Doherty eventually moved to England and settled in Herefordshire. Now living in Cornwall, he served as Lead Potter at the Leach Pottery from 2008-2013, and has served two terms as Chairman of the Craft Potters Association. Now, with these responsibilities behind him, he can concentrate solely on his direct and sensual pots.

David Whiting

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