OC Gallery open by appointment

Interested in a pot, but want to see it in person? You are welcome to visit us!

Online Ceramics has been a web based gallery for over 11 years. We regularly ship contemporary British studio pottery to customers across the globe.

If you would prefer to see (and hold) our pots in person, you are welcome to pop over to our Peterborough gallery. Some advance notice would be helpful because it is a working space and can get untidy. Plus if there is a potter whose work you are keen on, we can make sure it is on show. 

OC Gallery, 88 Percival Street, Peterborough PE3 6AU. Call or email us to make an appointment.

OC Gallery

Featured artists

Featured works - Tina Vlassopulos

Tina Vlassopulos



Tina Vlassopulos



Tina Vlassopulos

Grey loop


Tina Vlassopulos



Tina Vlassopulos



Tina Vlassopulos

Blue moebius


Tina Vlassopulos

Double ring


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