Earth and Fire International Ceramics Fair

Peter Ward, the Director of Online Ceramics spent Sunday afternoon at the Earth and Fire show in Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire. The evening before Peter had received a call from John Pollex, telling him that he had to make a delivery of 8 large slipware plates  to a customer at a prestigious venue close to Rufford. They arranged to meet up and spent the day chatting to many of the potters displaying their work. John was particularly interested in the work of Barry Stedman and they had a long chat.

Whilst at the show Peter took the opportunity to pick up six new works for the Online Ceramics Gallery by Peter Beard. The pieces included a spectacular large disk sculptural form (pictured), which is an interesting development on Peter Beard’s usual disk shapes. The new pots will be uploaded to this website in the next couple of weeks.

Peter also spoke to some potters whose work he is hoping to add to the website – without naming names; they included someone who makes the whole of the pot on the wheel and when she takes it off it is finished, someone who produces very aeronautical salt glazed pots and a potter who puts a modern spin on traditional slip trailed work. We will let you know when they come on board.