New Forms, New Textures new exhibition

Eddie Curtis and Margaret Curtis are holding a joint exhibition at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, the UK’s premier gallery for studio pottery, in central London. Eddie and Margaret are highly regarded potters and are each ‘fellows’ of the prestigious British Craft Potters Association. The show entitled ‘New Forms, New Textures’ opened on 8 November and will run until 1 December.

Between them they have put together a breath-taking collection featuring 77 different pieces. The richness, quality and depth of the work is outstanding. Prices range from £50 (GBP) for the cutest sake cups by Margaret to a large bottle by Eddie costing £6,000 (GBP).

If you can’t get to London, here at the Online Ceramics Gallery we have a much more modest collection of Eddie’s work with prices ranging from £165 (GBP) to £565 (GBP) which he has produced using his distinct rich red copper glaze.