The title says it all

Ben Brierley holding 'bulbous gestural vessel'

This week Eddie Curtis was invited to choose his favourite pot and to say what drew him to that pot out of the 300 we have available on the website. Eddie went for Ben Brierley’s ‘Bulbous gestural vessel‘, certainly the heaviest pot on the website. This is what Eddie had to say:

Ben Brierley holding 'bulbous gestural vessel'
Ben Brierley holding ‘bulbous gestural vessel’

‘Well to start with that’s a mean title for a pot, it says it all. Words help pots and Ben’s descriptive title is bang on.  It leans with an attitude, it’s swollen and satisfied with implied containment and a swaggering display of body language. It has an attitude of presence borne of a confident attitude of making. Titles like that can only be created by artists with a different perspective. You just won’t go into House of Fraser requesting a ‘bulbous gestural vessel please’, it’s not the language of the safe zone. Ben’s title invites us to look again, to appreciate, to confer and come full circle to realise that actually it requires no title at all, it speaks for itself.’

This spectacular pot will be discounted by 20% for the remainder of October as part of our 3rd birthday celebration offers.