Richard Heeley joins Online Ceramics

Richard Heeley set of cups

Online Ceramics continues to represent some of the UK’s greatest studio potters making today. The latest artist to join is Shropshire based maker, Richard Heeley, who produces beautifully thrown porcelain pots that he decorates using blue cobalt Gosu pigment. The influences for Richard’s pots are drawn from the Orient, particularly Korea. However, when it comes to decoration Richard is inspired by the British countryside, notably North Wales.

Richard heeley
Richard Heeley

Peter Ward, Owner of Online Ceramics, said: ‘I have admired Richard’s work for a long time and he will be a fine addition to Online Ceramics. I have always been impressed with Richard’s lightness of touch when it comes to applying the decoration to his pots. And also the attention to detail he gives the presentation of his pots, for example his yunomi bowls come wrapped in paper inside a box, both of which he has personally painted.’

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