Traditional slipware with a modern twist

Although the Online Ceramics Gallery brings you 22 brilliantly talented and influential contemporary studio potters – we haven’t finished yet! Paul Young will be the latest artist to join us. Paul is heavily influenced by traditional English and European slipware, particularly eighteenth century Staffordshire wares.

Slipware potter Paul Young
Paul Young pictured at his studio

Paul has over 25 years professional experience and is currently based in a Victorian Railway Station. Peter Ward, Director of Online Ceramics said; ‘When I first entered the world of ceramics over 30 years ago I worked for John Pollex who at that time produced beautiful slipware in the Thomas Toft tradition. So when looking for a potter who uses traditional slipware skills, I was very particular about what I wanted. I love the way Paul Young uses slipware, you can clearly see the Stafford lineage but Paul manages to give it a modern twist. Paul’s not afraid to break the rules. The net result is he produces some of the finest slipware in the UK’.

The sixteen new works by Paul will be uploaded to the gallery by the end of February along with new pots by Kevin de Choisy.