Which is your favourite pot?

Walter Keeler holding a cut branch teapot

In October, Peter Ward, the founder of the Online Ceramics Gallery asked some potters to choose their favourite pot on the website. With almost 300 pieces made by 27 different ceramic artists, they found it very difficult. Peter said, ‘Having asked the potters which was their favourite pot, I set myself the task of selecting one. And it wasn’t easy! I have eclectic tastes and my preferences change from week to week.’

Walter Keeler holding a cut branch teapot
Walter Keeler holding a cut branch teapot

Initially having carefully looked at all the ceramic art he has available, Peter could only narrow it down to work by six pots, Peter said, ‘There was one teapot I spotted in Contemporary Ceramics that I really coveted, a white earthenware ‘cut branch’ teapot by Walter Keeler. The white body and clear glaze meant there were no hiding places. Only perfectly executed craftsmanship could yield such a fine pot. I was really pleased when I secured one for Online Ceramics during a visit to Walter.’

Here is Peter’s top six:

  1. Walter Keeler – cut branch teapot
  2. Ben Brierley – wood fired crackle vessel
  3. John Pollex – bottle
  4. Terry Bell Hughes – Small fish teapot
  5. Tina Vlassopulos – unravelling
  6. Margaret Curtis – Dish