New additions

Eddie Curtis holding 'girder' vessel

New work by both Eddie Curtis and Ruth King has now been added to the Online Ceramics Gallery. We now have 13 pieces by Eddie Curtis. We are particularly pleased with the ‘Girder’ vessel. We love the way the celadon green glaze abuts and runs over the snow white shino.

Eddie Curtis holding 'girder' vessel
Eddie Curtis holding ‘girder’ vessel

Eddie is a master at making ceramics look metallic. The Girder vessel takes its name from the way Eddie has constructed the ends of the vessel to resemble industrial girders.

Ruth King’s saltgalzed forms have always been popular with Online Ceramic’s customers. We now have 12 slab built pieces for you to choose from. These include a new design entitled ‘Fermoral’ vessel. Ruth explained that the hipbone was the inspiration for this design.

Ruth King ‘Fermoral’ vessel