Chris Keenan porcelain

On our way to Chris Keenan’s studio in south London, we stopped off at the Guildhall Cambridge to measure the halls for a second time, just to make sure there was enough room for all the artists taking part in Innovations in Ceramic Art on 10 & 11 October.

Whilst in Cambridge we took the opportunity to pop into Primavera galley positioned opposite the amazing King’s College. The owner Jeremy Waller was welcoming and we spent over an hour chatting.

Chris Keenan tenmoku bowl
Chris Keenan tenmoku bowl

It was back on the train to Kings Cross, the tube to Elephant and Castle, then a bus towards Camberwell. By the time we reached Chris’ studio it was about 4.30 pm – just in time to catch Carina Ciscato, with whom Chris shares a studio. Carina produces amazing work, she clearly likes to push the limits of what can be achieved with porcelain.

Chris was brilliant company (as usual) and we took our time choosing some fabulous pots. Our current favourite is the tenmoku bowl with rusty spots. It is just so elegant and a perfect shape. We also love the celadon beakers with tenmoku interiors, they are lovely to handle and are very usable, and at only £50 each, affordable.

Chris managed to get all 20 pots packed up into two bags, so our journey home to Peterborough via the bus, tube and train wasn’t too arduous. Everything got back in one piece!