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Pottery on the BBC

The much-anticipated Great British Pottery Throw Down is now showing on BBC2. Kate Malone, one of the expert judges, was a guest speaker at Innovations in Ceramic Art back in October. Sadly Kate didn’t give away any inside information.

Kate Malone at Innovations in Ceramic Art

Our favourite raku artists (and one of the UKs greatest raku potters), Tim Andrews, was interviewed as part of the episode on… you guessed it raku. We visited Tim in August the day after the BBC filmed. They spent most of the afternoon interviewing Tim, only to use about a minutes worth of footage!

Tim Andrews - curling piece

Tim Andrews – curling piece

The show made raku sound very imprecise and they focused on the process rather than the finished result (or what can be achieved with raku in the hands of experts). Nothing happens by chance in Tim’s work, we only have a few pots left, but take a look at how Tim controls the process and produces beautiful pots.

Sadly we won’t be visiting Tim again until mid 2016, but at least we will know who wins the Throw Down before Christmas!

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