Countdown to Innovations

Innovations in Ceramic Art

With less than two weeks to go before Innovations in Ceramic Art opens at the Guildhall in Cambridge the team at Online Ceramics are extra busy trying to spread the word as widely as possible to create awareness for the new show.

“I’d like it to become as well known and respected as the Affordable Art Fairs” said Peter Ward, founder of Online Ceramics. “Just as buyers are happy to spend a few hundred pounds on a limited edition print, ceramic art is an accessible way for the art-loving general public to own something completely original and unique. At Innovations in Ceramic Art they can buy direct from the artist”

Nearly 50 top ceramic artists will be represented at the show “We felt it was time to highlight the constant experimentation and creativity of ceramicists – and what better place to celebrate this than in high tech Cambridge?”

To find out more information about the show or buy tickets go to the Innovations in Ceramic Art page.