Burnished smoke-fired ceramic sculptures

At Online Ceramics we like to visit our artists in their studios where we select the pieces we want for the gallery. Sometimes, due to a combination of timetabling and geography, this is not always possible (our artists are located from Edinburgh in Scotland right down to Mousehole at the tip of Cornwall). Last weekend we made our first visit to Antonia Salmon in Sheffield. From Peterborough where Online Ceramics is based, to Antonia’s studio was a 204 mile, 4 hour round trip. We were lucky both with the weather and traffic. Previously we arranged to see Antonia at shows such as Innovations in Ceramic Art in Cambridge and Ceramic Art London so it was great to finally see her studio.


Lifting form by Antonia Salmon
Lifting form by Antonia Salmon

Antonia specialises in beautifully poised smoke-fired and burnished sculptural pieces. As with all our artists we selected her best work. Peter Ward, Online Ceramics owner said; “It was well worth the trip; I was able to choose some of the finest examples of Antonia’s work. Some pieces were fresh from the kiln. I was particularly pleased to pick up a ‘lifting form’ sculpture that has beautiful balance. Despite its apparent delicacy, Antonia assured me the base is firmly attached to the wing with two metal rods”.

Antonia Salmon is a popular and collectable artist, within hours of uploading her new work one of the sculptures, the ‘marbled touch point’ had sold. You will still be able to view this piece for the next couple of weeks. Online Ceramics prides itself on taking lots of photos of each piece from different angles, including close-up shots, so you can examine every item on our website in detail. We hope you enjoy this new work as much as we do.


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