Flying visit to Scotland

Edinburgh is a gorgeous city with magnificent architecture and natural features. What better excuse for a visit then meeting up with Online Ceramics newest potter, Lara Scobie, and selecting new work for the gallery?

Lara Scobie
Lara Scobie vessels

Situated in the basement of a classic New Town tenement, Lara’s studio is part of the Adam Pottery. It’s a creative hub where up-and-coming ceramicists can work alongside well-established potters such as Lara.

Lara produces beautifully proportioned slip-cast pots. She is the only Online Ceramics artist that uses parian clay. Developed around 1845 in Staffordshire, parian has a warmth and translucency of its own. Lara applies crisp lines and a limited palette of bold colour to decorate her pots. Occasionally, Lara adds 22 carat gold leaf to the interiors of her work.

Peter Ward, Online Ceramic’s owner said, ‘It was great to catch up with Lara at her studio. She presented me with a comprehensive selection of her most recent work. I’m really pleased with what I chose, they exude warmth, style and look great on their own or together in groupings. We now have a choice of 15 different works for our visitors to browse and enjoy’.

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