Jane Cairns ceramic sculptor joins Online Ceramics

Jane Cairns

Jane Cairns‘ ceramics ooze a post-industrial aesthetic. When people picture the Thames, they think of Parliament or maybe the Oxford and Cambridge boat race. East London Thames couldn’t be more different with decay and rebirth in equal measures. This is where Jane’s studio is based, a stretch of the Thames that was once a powerhouse of British industry with links across the British Empire. This Imperial past is a long faded memory.

Jane Cairns sees beauty in the detritus that washes up on the foreshore from this bygone age. She uses these discarded objects to influence her art.  Jane embraces decay to produce stunning ceramic sculptures. Each sculpture is glaze fired several times to produce the rich texture Jane achieves on her forms. The amount of work it takes to produce such a weather-beaten look is astonishing!

Peter Ward, Online Ceramics owner said. ‘No other artist on my site exemplifies my taste more than Jane Cairns. Whilst studying for my Fine Art degree in the Black Country during the early 1980’s I was strongly drawn to the post apocalyptic industrial landscape of the West Midlands abandoned during the Thatcher era.’

‘I love the way Cairns has turned discarded objects into sculptures that could sit comfortably at home in our finest museums. Cairns ceramic sculptures will make a fine addition to the eclectic mix of potters represented by Online Ceramics.’

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