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Jane Cairns

Jane Cairns is an urban artist in every sense, based in London and one who draws on the structures and textures of a city’s built environment to make her vessel-based work and sculpture. The celebration of concrete, cement, asphalt, brickwork; this is the fabric of Jane Cairns’ sensory world, one that is enriched by the colours and patinas of time, the effects of weather and human usage. Her ’Found Forms’ and ‘Wall Works’ poetically evoke these objects and street surfaces; the wealth of accretions, stains and markings that give the apparently mundane such depth. Cairns eulogises the fragmentary, the beauty of over-looked and disregarded corners of our townscapes, of functional forms that have their own sculptural qualities. She studied ceramics at the University of Westminster, and currently works at Thames-Side Studios, Woolwich.

David Whiting