Fresh from the kiln

Jack Doherty holding vessel

We travelled 360 miles to visit potter, Jack Doherty, at his home and studio in Mousehole. There isn’t much of England left once you reach Mousehole, it is situated at the far westerly point of Cornwall, just before Lands End. The journey was worth it. We picked up magnificent soda fired porcelain vessels, most of […]

Spot the elephant in the room

Elephant teapot and cup

Terry Bell Hughes is a master potter – his work is both functional and fun. When establishing Online Ceramics, Terry was one of the first five potters on our wish list. His teapots are quirky and very usable. You can see the lineage in his work from the Harrow tradition. Having been a professional potter […]

Bold and bright work by Barry Stedman

Barry Stedman holding plate

Many potters covet the looseness, flow and freedom Barry Stedman brings to his ceramics. Barry makes them deliberately heavy and decorates them in bright slips, part of which he deliberately leaves unglazed. Online Ceramics Gallery owner, Peter Ward, said ‘we normally only feature potters with a minimum 10 years professional experience. Barry was under that […]

Latest potter to join Online Ceramics

Joanna Howells

Scientist come potter, Joanna Howells, is the latest ceramic artist to join the Online Ceramics Gallery. Based in South Wales, Joanna first trained as a scientist at Cambridge University before studying ceramics at Sir John Cass School of Art. She then went on to Harrow College of Art where she attended the renowned ceramics course […]

Great selection of Tim Andrews raku

Three element stacks by Tim Andrews

Tim Andrews is one of the UK’s greatest raku potters. The way he controls such a dynamic method of firing is masterly. Tim also produces the most elegant porcelain pots. We are particularly keen on Tim’s ‘three element stacks’ which combine both the raku and porcelain sections. We now 16 works by Tim Andrews available […]

New work by Eddie Curtis

Eddie Curtis holding wrap jar

We love the rich red glaze Eddie Curtis manages to produce in his oil fired kiln he built himself over 25 years ago. The glaze appears fluid and has a real depth to it. Just take a look at take a look at the detailed close-up shots we have taken of the stoneware ‘wrap jar’ […]